Sunday, April 19, 2015


Gosh, how long has it been. 2 years, 3... A lot has transpired during these period. Good, not so good, not too bad and plain disaster. Well can't help it, life goes on, how long might that be... Just wanna write a quick note here I guess. At least someone, someday, somewhere can stumble upon these words and say "Life is worth living."

Knowing someone dear to you is facing a very brutal disease, despite that someone being brave about it should make us more prone to create happy memories, right? Then come the bombshell...

You yourself met your ultimate fate... Biding your time...

There's only so much medicines can do, well, at least I have the taste of loving and being love, one way or another...

Can't complain much now can I. Human instincts will first kick in saying "I did not deserve this!" Nothing much can be done though :)

I can't be mad at the world, it has never turn its back on me.

I digress...

~The end is near, whatever I do
Some say "Screw this!" but I say "It's overdue"
Clasping hands at the top of the mountain
Thrusting my chest at the world
Letting a pool of crystals on my dimple
That's my final bloom

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